Unable To Return To Poland

The NKVD - My Persecutors



The Family I Left Behind

Trying to understand what us Polish soldiers went through is very hard for anyone without a direct familial connection to one. It would be easy to assume that a soldier goes abroad, carries out his duties and then returns to his homeland.

This was not the case for very many polish soldiers who came over circa 1940-1944.

All of the above factors made us fear for our lives, it was not safe to return to Poland, we lived in fear of being killed. So we adapted, we took British wives, had children with them. We never forgot our loved ones back home, but it was impossible for us to even contemplate returning.

When you see how many of us stayed in Britian and took new wives, you can start to understand that it was not our personal choice to desert our families, we loved them. But time, distance and politics changed everything.

These are the loved ones I left behind:

  • Stanislawa Hostik (Wife)
  • LucJan Hostik (Brother)
  • Stanislawa Hostik (Sister)
  • Stefania Hostik (Sister)
  • Alexandra Hostik (Sister)
  • Irena Hostik (Sister)
  • Regina Hostik (Sister)

Most importantly, I left my dear immediate family behind:

  • Stanislawa Gostik (Wife)
  • Zdzislaw Gostik (Son)
  • Lucyna Hostik (Daughter)