Journey To Krasnovodsk

The exodus from the USSR started in March 1942.

The NKVD had arranged trains to transport us to Krasnovodsk. In total x trains were arranged. This was later to be known as "Wave 1".

Evacuation Of The 10th Division

On March 26th, 1942 10th division from Lugovoye was transported on a goods train through Dzambul, Arys, Tashkent, Dzizak, Samarkand, Bukhara, Tchardzhau, and Ashkhabad to Krasnowodsk. (As confirmed by Gustav Herling in his book "A World Apart")

Gustav Herling also wrote: At Krasnbovodsk 2 boats were waiting for us (March 30th embarked on 2 ships leaving the port Agamali Ogly and Turkmenistan.)
Arrived Night of April 2nd at Pahlevi).