What Records Will You Receive From APC Disclosures (MOD)?

The wait for your relatives records can be a very tense and exciting time, wondering what you will receive. Here I will tell you what will be received so that you can be prepared.

Zeszyt Ewidencyjny

A "Zeszyt Ewidencyjna" is a small A5 16 page booklet or notebook giving some basic details on what commanding office they were under, their health grade, thumbprint and some other details on battles they were in etc. The booklet is written in Polish. Don't worry, i'm going to show you in due course how to get this translated. See my grandfathers one here.

Karta Ewidencyjny

Karta Ewidencyjna - A 2 page (double side, so 4 sides in all) document. Somewhat similar detail to the above, but in my grandfathers case a lot more further detail was provided. There are a lot of military abbreviations PAY ATTENTION HERE these when properly decoded will tell you where the person was, what unit they were with and if you do the research on these dates, places and units will also tell you what your relative did.

Nothing is for free in this life, you are going to have to get good at research. I will show you methods, tips and tricks that I used to discover an explosive goldmine of information (no exaggeration!). See my grandfathers one here.

Army Profile Record

A simple one sided A5 document with the persons name, date of birth, parish, town they lived in, height, weight and a few other details. The best bit? It has a military photo of the person on it! Click to see my grandfathers profile record