Haunting Photo's Of Largo House
The 1957 Photo Collection

In 2018 I became aware of a private collection of professionally taken photo's of Largo House, taken in 1957, just 6 years after the place was stripped out.

Having purchased rights on the photographs, I am proud to put into the public domain photo's that have not been previously seen.

These photos belong to Copyright Holder © RCAHMS.  Illegal copying of photos is theft. Please do not copy these photos.

Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062555
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062554
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062556
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062557
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062553
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062560
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062561
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062564
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062566
Largo Hs - canmore_image_SC01062567