The Parachute Tower
In 2018

It was a magical moment to discover the parachute towers actual location and furthermore to find evidence of it still exists!

The Little Church

The little church still exists, albeit without it's roof! I believe at one time, after WW2, it was used as a doocot, which for the non-scottish of you is a home for pigeons.

The church at Lundin Tower, the perfect reference point

Location Of The Parachute Tower

75 years of wild grass have grown over the concrete base, but the base is still very much there! It was a very deep thing as it had to keep a 100ft high tower in place in potential high winds.

Another view of the parachute tower location at Lundin Links, Fife

That Famous View

If you have seen Edward Bawdens watercolour painting of the parachute tower then this view will be very familiar to you!

2017 - A recreation of the angle the artist sketch was done from of the parachute tower in Lundin Links

The Parachute Tower Base Cleaned Up

In 2018 a JCB came in a removed years of overgrown grass and moss to reveal in all its glory the base of the parachute tower. The square section in the  middle is where a drum with steel wire cable was installed. I believe this was the cable that controlled the descent of the parachutist.

Parachute Tower 01 - Web